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MINI LOGO Decks Pre-Built Completes is your local Canadian one-stop-shop for everything skateboarding. Whether you are looking for a brand new complete skateboard setup, or you are shopping for specialized parts and pieces that you need to upgrade your current skate, has you covered.
For anyone who is brand new to skateboarding, we offer complete setups which are fully assembled with griptape and ready to shred right out of the box. We do all of work and build your board from the ground up. We get greasy with the bearings and hardware and fine tune your skateboard with medium tension on your trucks.
Skateboard decks are the most important component of your setup and your staring point for building a board. The most determining factor for any pro rider is the deck materials and width. All of the brands that we carry manufacture their skateboard decks with top quality maple wood. In our opinion, anything less than maple is an insufficient product for anyone over the age of 5.
In this section you will find a wide assortment of Skateboard decks from all over the world. Skateboard decks are our bread and butter. We offer International brands as well as decks from the best local Canadian skate companies.