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Any skateboard is more than just the sum of it's Parts. But here at we realize the importance of riding a set-up that is built with a foundation of quality skateboard components. You won't find anything but high quality reputable skateboard parts and components in this section of our store.
Skateboard Bearings may be small, but they are crucial to your speed for going fast and getting air. We avoid cheap and weak generic bearings that are flooding the market these days. We only stock brand name bearings that we can trust and are built to last with the best and most modern materials available.
Your Skateboard Wheels are your connection to the ground and are the most important factor for feel and control. We offer all of the most common sized skate wheels and softness ratios. Smaller wheels are usually reserved for more technical riders, while larger wheels are designed with speed and comfortable cruising in mind.
Skateboard Trucks are the backbone of your complete set-up. The most important factor for selecting skateboard trucks is the width. Be sure to select a truck width that is appropriate for your deck width.
We also carry all of your standard Skate Accessories
including hardware, griptape, sk8 tools, riser pads, and more. If you have a skate deck then this section is your one-stop-shop for building a complete set-up or replacing any individual components as you require them.