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Industrial Skateboard Trucks Industrial Skateboard Trucks ATM Skateboard Trucks
ATM Trucks - 8" (x2)
Our Price: CAD: $39.95
MiniLogo Skateboard Trucks MiniLogo Skateboard Trucks MiniLogo Skateboard Trucks
MiniLogo Trucks - 8.0" Navy (x2)
Our Price: CAD: $44.95
MiniLogo Trucks - 8.38" Org (x2)
Our Price: CAD: $44.99
Skateboard trucks are the backbone of any complete skateboard set up. Trucks are also the longest lasting component of your board, so it always pays off to invest in a quality set as they can last though many decks and sets of wheels and bearings. Skateboard Trucks are those metal T-shaped pieces that mount onto the underside of the skateboard and keep your skateboard wheels and bearings securely attached to the deck. Skateboard Trucks are composed of a few main parts: axles, hangers, kingpins, and bushings. Each of these parts can impact your skateboard's performance. Trucks are foundation of the board that holds everything together.
The type and size of skate trucks you choose directly affect your stability, and what tricks you can and can't do on your skateboard. Selecting and maintaining the proper set of skateboard trucks is also very important to avoiding 'wheel bite', which happens when your wheels rub against your board and cause you to stop on impact during a trick or turn. This is where risers can also be installed. Trucks can easily be adjusted to perform tighter turns or tricks on your board. How loose or tight you keep your trucks is a personal preference and which really depends on what type of board you ride and which type of skating you prefer.

Truck size is measured by axle width or hanger width. The width of the hanger and axle determines the distance between your wheels, your balance, and manoeuvrability. A good guideline is to go with an axle that is just within 1/4" the width of the board, as this will offer the most stability and is a good place to start. The width of your trucks will affect the performance of your board. Different trucks widths are better suited for certain riding styles which again is matter of personal preference.